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People Often Underestimate Their Living Expenses
          — Try Our Calculator and Understand Where Your Money Goes

Housing Expenses Monthly Payment Annual Payment
I am renting the house(s)
Rent $
I am owning the house(s)
Mortgage, PMI and HOA $
Property Tax $
Home Insurance and Maintenance $
Auto and Transportation Expenses Monthly Payment Annual Payment
Auto Loan $
Auto Insurance, DMV, Maintenance and Repair $
Fuel Cost $
Household Expenses Monthly Payment Annual Payment
Utility (Gas, Electricity, Water, Sewer, Garbage) $
Phone, Internet and TV $
Home Decor and House Keeping $
Living Essentials Expenses Monthly Payment Annual Payment
Grocery (Food, Beverages, Baby Supplies, etc) $
Clothing $
Personal Care, Child Care and Pet Care $
Health Care and Medications $
Life Style Expenses Monthly Payment Annual Payment
Dining Out $
Entertainment, Fitness and Hobbies $
Vacation $
Electronics, Books, Magazines, Tuition & Classes $
Gift and Donation $
Income Annual Income and Tax
Family Gross Income $
Income Tax Rate $%

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